I'll Come Again When You Have Judge On The Menu

Name's Molly. I'm from the Boston area but I am currently studying theatre in L.A. I like cool stuff and things. I dislike uncool stuff and things.

I always mix up ASOIAF and TFIOS so I’ll read a post tagged TFIOS saying “I hate Gus he’s so pretentious” and be like “who the fuck is Gus? Which house is he? Is he a Frey? A Lannister? From across the narrow sea? Is he dead yet?”


Hello to all my new followers!!! Welcome to my tumblr! I have the wonderful Emily Graslie to thank for probably most (if not all,) of you for deciding to follow me.

As I mentioned I would do in an ask I answered yesterday, here is a post showcasing where I am with the children’s book illustrations. The majority of them are still unfinished, but I’m aiming to having them done by the end of this month. Not pictured is the two page spread, because I’m still laying down flat colors on it. I will make a separate post for that because quite frankly it deserves it’s own post!

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We hope that you will join us and our partners at 1 in 6 and A Call to Men on this very, very important iniative. Again, to learn more visit men.joyfulheartfoundation.org. Thank you. (x)

an intersectional ad against sexual abuse?

and nobody has called “blasphemy” yet??

No I saw some feminists getting upset about this, just seems to be far more support.

The sun is rising, folks.

Any feminist who gets angry and calls this “blasphemy” shouldn’t be calling themselves a feminist then.